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Ladies Sept Results

Sept 1: Stableford: Winner: V. Ebert 30, runner up: S. Kilo 25.

Sept 5: Ladies Tournament: We played a 2 Ball Ambrose. The course was looking its best, thanks to our volunteers. We had a few showers but it didn’t disrupt play to much. We hosted 40 players from 7 different clubs with special thanks to Howlong and Thurgoona who made up the majority of the field. Results: Scratch winners – R. Smithenbecker (Jindera) & J. Pryor (Thurgoona) 80, runners up – R. McMillan (Jindera) & N. Guy (Thurgoona) 83. Handicap winners –A. Lee(Comm Albury) & J. Rogers (Howlong) 74.25, runners up – S. Kilo (Jindera) & H. Lowe(Culcairn) 74.5c/b. Straightest Drive: A Grade – G. O’Halloran) B Grade – E. Heir (Jindera), C Grade – J. Thompson (Thurgoona). N.T.P. A Grade: C. Richardson (Howlong), B Grade: R. Ingles (Thurgoona), C Grade: F. Pearce (Thurgoona).

Sept 12: 1st Round championships: Winner: R. Smithenbecker 75, runner up: V. Ebert 80c/b, Judy Gehrig 80.

Sept 15: 2nd Round Championships: winner: R. Smithenbecker 72, runner up: S. Kilo 76, Judy Gehrig 78, Least putts: R. Smithenbecker 28c/b from V. Ebert.

Sept 22: Medal of Medals: Winner: S. Kilo 74, runner up: R.Smithenbecker 75, Least putts: V. Ebert 26.

Sept 26: 3rd Round Championships: winner: R. Smithenbecker 71, runner up: J. Gehrig 72, Ball: S. Kilo 74. Least putts: R. Smithenbecker 28.

Sept 29: Final round Championship: winner: R. Smithenbecker 72, runner up: S. Kilo 73, Ball: V. Ebert 79. Least putts: R. Smithenbecker 26. Results: Champion: R. Smithenbecker 263. Handicap winner: S. Kilo 223.

Men’s August Results

Aug 5: Monthly Medal and final round Championships: Medal winner: D. Briggs 72, Runner up: G. Preston 73, Balls: K. Garfield 74, D. Gray 74, S. Millar 74, C. McMillan 74, J. Metcalf 75, P. Kilo 76. NTP: 12th – N. Brand.

Championship Results: Club Champion and A Grade Scratch: C. McMillan 337 by 3 strokes from G. Schilg 340, B Grade: B. Sheerans 371 easily ahead of the field, C Grade: D. Briggs 420 just in front of F. Carmody 422. A Grade Handicap: G. Schilg 300, B. Grade: S. McMillan 293, C Grade: F. Carmody 314.

Aug 11: Stableford: Winner: J. Metcalf 34, runner up: L. Cameron 32, Balls: W, Peffer 32, G. Schilg 31, B. Polkinghorne 31.

Aug 18: Beyond Blue 3 Ball Ambrose: Only 27 players but with a percentage of competition fees and the proceeds of the raffle a donation of $291 will be made to Beyond Blue. Results Winners: G. Kent, G. Moss, R. Hall 59.3, runners up: A. Melbourne, J. Metcalf, B. Polkinghorne 62.3, Balls: C. McMillan, J. Kimpton, G. Allen 62.6, J. Kilo, P. Kilo, J. Davis 63.6. NTP: 3rd – A. Melbourne, G. Kent.

Aug 25: Stableford: Winner: D. Briggs 40, runner up: B. Polkinghorne 39. Balls: C. McMillan 35, B. Sheerans 33, G. Schilg 33. NTP: 9th– D. Briggs, 12th – D. Gray, 16th– B. Sheerans, 18th– G. Schilg.


Ladies August Results

Aug 4: Monthly Medal: Day comp Winner: V. Ebert 72, Runner up & medal winner: R. Smithenbecker 74. Least putts: V. Ebert 25c/b.

Aug 11: No play

Aug 18: Beyond Blue Day see men’s results.

Aug 25: No play.

Vets August Results

Aug 7: 3 Ball Ambrose: winners: G. Witteveen, D. Castles, I. Dunn 32.4, runners up: F. Carmody, N. Winter, S. Duffield 33.2.

Aug 14: Stableford: winner: I. Dunn 15pts c/b, runner up: D. Singleton 15, Balls: G. Witteveen 14, F. Shannon 14, S. Duffield 14.

Aug 21: Stableford: Winner: R. Sheerans 20pts, runner up: D. Webb 19, Balls: D. Castles 18, G. Schilg 17, D. singleton 15, S. Duffield 15.

Aug 28: Stableford: Winner: D. Gray 19pts c/b, runner up: S. Duffield 19, Balls: D. Singleton 18, D. Webb 17, K. Garfield 17.

Men’s July Results

July 7: Monthly Medal & 4th round Championships: Winner: G. Schilg 73, runner up: P. Kilo 74, Balls: C. McMillan 75, D. Gray 76, S. McMillan 77, B. Sheerans 77. NTP: 9th – G. Schilg.

July 14: Stableford: Winner: S. McMillan 35, runner up: C. McMillan, Ball: D. Klein 30.

July 21: Stableford: Winner: T. Freeman 35, runner up: G. Schilg 29, Balls: W. Peffer, N. Brand 28, D. Gray 27. NTP: 12th – N. Brand.

July 28: Stableford: Winner: J. Todd 37, runner up: K. Garfield 35, Balls: C. McMillan 33, B. Sheerans 31, P. Kilo 31. NTP: 7th– B. Sheerans, 12th – J. Todd.


Ladies July Results

July 7: Monthly Medal: winner: V. Ebert, runner up: S. Kilo. Least putts: S. Kilo.

July 21: Stableford: Winner: L. Cameron c/b, runner up: S. Kilo c/b from R. McMillan. NTP: 3rd & 16th – S. Kilo.

July 28: Stableford: winner: R. Smithenbecker, runner up: V. Ebert.


Vets July Results

July 3: 3 Ball Ambrose: Winners: D. Gray, F. Shannon, S. Millar 34, runners up: F. Carmody, D. Castles, G. Schilg 34.7.

July 10: Stableford: Winner P. Chaston 19 c/b, runner up: F. Carmody 19, Balls: D. Castles 16, S. Duffield 15, W. Barnes 14, D. Singleton 14.

July 17: Stableford: Winner: F. Carmody c/b 18, runner up: S. Duffield 18, Balls: W. Barnes 17, D. Castles 16.

July 24: 4 Ball Ambrose: Winners: J. Todd, B. Smith, G. Schilg, F. Carmody 31, runners up: D. Gray, N. Winter, D. Webb, I. Dunn 31.8.

July 31: Stableford: Winner: D. Castles 17, runner up: D. Gray 15c/b, Balls: J. Todd 15, F. Shannon 14, F. Carmody 14.

Ladies June Results

June 2: Monthly Medal: Day comp winner: S. Kilo, medal winner: H. Chaston. Least putts: S. Kilo.

June 16: Stableford: Winner: H. Chaston, runner up: V. Ebert.

June 23: Stableford: Winner: R. Smithenbecker , runner up E. Heir.

June 30: Stableford: winner: H. Chaston, Runner up: E. Heir.


Vet’s June Results

June 5: 4BBB: Winners: F. Carmody & R. Sheerans 23, runners up: P. Chaston & D. Briggs 20, Ball: N. Winter & W. McEvoy 18.

June 12: Stableford: Winner: S. Duffield 17c/b, runner up: G. Schilg 17c/b, Balls: D. Castles 17, F. Shannon 13, W. Barnes 12.

June 19: Stableford: Winner: P. Chaston 20, Runner up: F Carmody 15c/b, Balls: F. Shannon 15, J. Todd 15, D. Castles 14.

June 26: Stableford: Winner: F. Carmody 21, Runner up: W. Barnes 17, Balls: D. Castles 16, S. Duffield 15, F. Shannon 15, D. Gray 15.