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March Competitions


First round of the Monthly Medal “Stroke” event was held on the 14th March with 14 players competing for the coveted medal. The weather was kind to us again and the course in great shape.

Results :-

Winner – Stuart Millar Net 69

Runner-Up – Rawinia Smithenbecker Net 70

Balls – T.Freeman 74, F.Carmody 75, F.Shannon 76, B.Polkinghorn 77, D.Kein 77


NameHcapStrokeNet Score
Stuart Millar208969
Rawinia Smithenbecker168670
Trevor Freeman239774
Frank Carmody3010575
Frank Shannon209676
Daryl Klein199677
Brendan Polkinghorne189577
Bob Sheeran209878
John Metcalf108878
Ron Smithenbecker139279
Craig McMillan69084
David Webb2511287
Meme Smith5514792
Aaron Melbourne23ncr



The “Vets” season 2021 kicked off on Wedneday morning with 15 players, playing 9 holes and “3 Ball Ambrose”.

The morning was enjoyed by all, with a fine autumn day followed by BBQ lunch.

Results –

Winner’s. F Carmody, G Miller, J Haderle   27.75

Runners up – D Castles, M Dickson, D Webb 29.75.


The Open Day for season 2021 was “Kicked-off” with a mixed and mens “2 Ball Ambrose” and a total of 48 players. It was a great day with perfect weather and the course in very good condition – thanks to the dedicated “Grounds Committee” and volunteers. Thanks also to the “Match Committee” for a well run day and the ladies for a wonderful lunch.

Winner and Runners up prizes were kindly donated by IGA Jindera.

NTP and Straightest Drive vouchers supplied by Drummond Golf.

Next Sunday – 14th March – is the first round of the Monthly Medal.

Results :-

Mens Winners – Ash Paach and Pat Maling,

Runners up – Frank Carmody and Bob Sheerans

Mixed Winners – Daryl Klein and Mihi Smith

Runners Up – Aaron Melbourne and Virginia Ebert

Straightest Drive – Ron Smithenbecker

NTP – Not Claimed

Balls – Ron and Rawinia Smithenbecker, Trevor Freeman and Mark Dickson, Steve Keshire and Greg Kent, Dave Briggs and Brenton Polkinghorn, Simon Cossor and Phil Manwarring

Scores :

NameHcap HcapComb HcapNet Score
V. Ebert34A.Melbourne2314.2565.75
T.Freeman23M. Dickson2712.567.5
F. Shannon20D.Webb2511.2568.75
D Castles18B.Castles2911.7570.5

Jan/Feb 2021 Update

SAVE THE DATE – Season 2021 begins on Sunday 7th March with a 2 Ball Ambrose – Tee-Off from 8.30 to 9.00 am – so organise a partner or just turn up on the day and enjoy the course which is in great condition thanks to the dedicated grounds crew.

2021 Memberships – Invoices for 2021 memberships will be sent out early March (email) – Cost $100.00/year, juniors $30.00 – payment details will be on the invoices, alternatively post to PO box 132 Jindera, NSW, 2642, or see us at the course.

Comps –  The vets are still running an informal comp on Wednesday mornings – 8.30 – 9.00 tee-off, 9 holes (gold coin entry)

Friday night chook run – open all week – play your game and put money and score card under the door. Alternatively Friday night tee-off 4.30 – 5.00, with finish around 7.00pm.

Sunday comp Stableford 18 holes tee-off 8.30 – 9.00 AM


24/1/2021 – 5 players, Winner D.Gray – 39 pts, R/Up D Klein – 33pts, NTP A. Paech – (3rd, 7th).

31/1/2021 – 5 players, Winner D.Gray – 39 pts, R/Up C Larkin – 30pts, Balls D.Klein – 30.

 7/2/2021 – 14 players, Winner D. Webb – 40 pts, R/Up F, Carmody – 39pts, Balls M.Clayton – 37, B Polkinghorn – 35, F.Shannon – 33, A.Clayton – 32, S. Millar – 32

  14/2/2021 – 11 players, Winner Craig McMillan – 34 pts, R/Up Stuart Millar – 33pts, Balls D.Klein – 31, B Sheerans – 30, F.Shannon – 30, NTP T.Freeman (7th), S.Millar (16th) p

CHOOK RUN – Stableford scoring, 9 Holes social comp.

G’Day Golfers

Yes, the Chook Run Comp. is open all week

Starts 8.00am Mondays and finishes 5.30 Fridays.

Check the notice board as to which holes to play for the week. This week (18/5/20 to 22/05/20)is the BACK 9 (holes 10 to 18).

Write your name and phone no. on the envelope.

Place $5.00 in the envelope, then slide it under the club house door.

When you finish the game, get your playing partner to sign the card, then slide the card under the door.

You can play as many times you wish during the week, $5.00 / game.

The winner will be notified around 5.30 on Friday.

Last weeks winner – BRUCE HILL 19pts
Runner up – Judy Gray 18pts

ps. You can now play in groups of up to 4 players..

Keep safe, fit, and enjoy the great autumn weather.

Men’s Sept Results

Sept 1: Stableford: winner: D. Klein 36c/b, Runner up: S. Millar 36, Balls: A. Melbourne 35, B. Sheerans 33.

Sept 7: Mixed and Mens 2-ball Ambrose, Numbers very disappointing, a cold miserable day. Mixed Handicap winners: J. Hayes & J. Kimpton. Men’s Handicap winners – R. Smithenbecker & D. Klein. N.T.P. 9th – J. Hayes, 12th – C. McMillan.

Sept 8: Tournament. We would like to hugely thank JINDERA VET CLINIC for their generous Sponsorship. We had the biggest field in several years with players from Culcairn, Howlong, Thurgoona, Yackandandah, Narrendra, and Jindera.  A Grade Scratch winner: R. Alexander 77, Handicap winner: G. Schilg 72, B Grade winner: D. Edwards 36pts, runner up: G. Kent 35. C. Grade Winner: B. Polkinghorne 38pts, runner up: D. Briggs 36. Balls: C. McMillan 73, N. Schneider 75, V. Chiffey 76, S. Millar 35pts, D. Klein 32, M. Roberts 32, G. Moss 31, R. Feltren 30, M. Ebert 30, A. Melboourne 30. NTP: 7th – G. Schilg, 9th – J. Metcalf, 18th – B. Polkinghorne.  Straightest Drive: A. Grade: C. Warburton, B. Grade: G. Moss.  Sept 15: Monthly Medal: Winner: D. Klein 70, Runner up: J. Kimpton 74, Balls: B. Sherrans 76, P. Kilo 78c/b.

Sept 22: Medal of Medals: Day comp winner: P. Kilo 68c/b, runner up and medal of medals winner: B. Sheerans 68. Balls: A. Melbourne 73, D. Gray 73. NTP: 12th– G. Schilg.

Sept 29: Stableford: Winner: G. Schilg 37, runner up: C. McMillan 33, Balls: W. Peffer 31, G. Preston 30, D. Gray 30, B. Sheerans 30. NTP: 3rd – G. Schilg, 18th – G. Schilg.

Ladies Sept Results

Sept 1: Stableford: Winner: V. Ebert 30, runner up: S. Kilo 25.

Sept 5: Ladies Tournament: We played a 2 Ball Ambrose. The course was looking its best, thanks to our volunteers. We had a few showers but it didn’t disrupt play to much. We hosted 40 players from 7 different clubs with special thanks to Howlong and Thurgoona who made up the majority of the field. Results: Scratch winners – R. Smithenbecker (Jindera) & J. Pryor (Thurgoona) 80, runners up – R. McMillan (Jindera) & N. Guy (Thurgoona) 83. Handicap winners –A. Lee(Comm Albury) & J. Rogers (Howlong) 74.25, runners up – S. Kilo (Jindera) & H. Lowe(Culcairn) 74.5c/b. Straightest Drive: A Grade – G. O’Halloran) B Grade – E. Heir (Jindera), C Grade – J. Thompson (Thurgoona). N.T.P. A Grade: C. Richardson (Howlong), B Grade: R. Ingles (Thurgoona), C Grade: F. Pearce (Thurgoona).

Sept 12: 1st Round championships: Winner: R. Smithenbecker 75, runner up: V. Ebert 80c/b, Judy Gehrig 80.

Sept 15: 2nd Round Championships: winner: R. Smithenbecker 72, runner up: S. Kilo 76, Judy Gehrig 78, Least putts: R. Smithenbecker 28c/b from V. Ebert.

Sept 22: Medal of Medals: Winner: S. Kilo 74, runner up: R.Smithenbecker 75, Least putts: V. Ebert 26.

Sept 26: 3rd Round Championships: winner: R. Smithenbecker 71, runner up: J. Gehrig 72, Ball: S. Kilo 74. Least putts: R. Smithenbecker 28.

Sept 29: Final round Championship: winner: R. Smithenbecker 72, runner up: S. Kilo 73, Ball: V. Ebert 79. Least putts: R. Smithenbecker 26. Results: Champion: R. Smithenbecker 263. Handicap winner: S. Kilo 223.

Men’s August Results

Aug 5: Monthly Medal and final round Championships: Medal winner: D. Briggs 72, Runner up: G. Preston 73, Balls: K. Garfield 74, D. Gray 74, S. Millar 74, C. McMillan 74, J. Metcalf 75, P. Kilo 76. NTP: 12th – N. Brand.

Championship Results: Club Champion and A Grade Scratch: C. McMillan 337 by 3 strokes from G. Schilg 340, B Grade: B. Sheerans 371 easily ahead of the field, C Grade: D. Briggs 420 just in front of F. Carmody 422. A Grade Handicap: G. Schilg 300, B. Grade: S. McMillan 293, C Grade: F. Carmody 314.

Aug 11: Stableford: Winner: J. Metcalf 34, runner up: L. Cameron 32, Balls: W, Peffer 32, G. Schilg 31, B. Polkinghorne 31.

Aug 18: Beyond Blue 3 Ball Ambrose: Only 27 players but with a percentage of competition fees and the proceeds of the raffle a donation of $291 will be made to Beyond Blue. Results Winners: G. Kent, G. Moss, R. Hall 59.3, runners up: A. Melbourne, J. Metcalf, B. Polkinghorne 62.3, Balls: C. McMillan, J. Kimpton, G. Allen 62.6, J. Kilo, P. Kilo, J. Davis 63.6. NTP: 3rd – A. Melbourne, G. Kent.

Aug 25: Stableford: Winner: D. Briggs 40, runner up: B. Polkinghorne 39. Balls: C. McMillan 35, B. Sheerans 33, G. Schilg 33. NTP: 9th– D. Briggs, 12th – D. Gray, 16th– B. Sheerans, 18th– G. Schilg.


Ladies August Results

Aug 4: Monthly Medal: Day comp Winner: V. Ebert 72, Runner up & medal winner: R. Smithenbecker 74. Least putts: V. Ebert 25c/b.

Aug 11: No play

Aug 18: Beyond Blue Day see men’s results.

Aug 25: No play.

Vets August Results

Aug 7: 3 Ball Ambrose: winners: G. Witteveen, D. Castles, I. Dunn 32.4, runners up: F. Carmody, N. Winter, S. Duffield 33.2.

Aug 14: Stableford: winner: I. Dunn 15pts c/b, runner up: D. Singleton 15, Balls: G. Witteveen 14, F. Shannon 14, S. Duffield 14.

Aug 21: Stableford: Winner: R. Sheerans 20pts, runner up: D. Webb 19, Balls: D. Castles 18, G. Schilg 17, D. singleton 15, S. Duffield 15.

Aug 28: Stableford: Winner: D. Gray 19pts c/b, runner up: S. Duffield 19, Balls: D. Singleton 18, D. Webb 17, K. Garfield 17.