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Men’s July Results

July 1: Monthly Medal: Day comp winner: B. Polkinghorne 63, Medal winner & runner up: D. Briggs 68, Balls: G. Preston 72, N. Brand 74, P. Kilo 75, D. Gray 76, G. Schilg 77. NTP: 3rd – N. Brand, J. Metcalf, 9th – R. Smithenbecker, D. Klein.

July 8: 2 Ball Ambrose: Winners: J. Metcalf & D. Briggs 58, runners up: A. Justin & J. Metcalf 61.5, Balls: G. Schilg & L. Cameron 65, F. Carmody & B. Polkinghorne 69.

July 15: Stableford: winner: D. Briggs 35, runner up: D. Gray 32, Balls: D. Klein 31, N. Brand 31, G. Schilg 30. NTP: 3rd – J. Metcalf.

July 22: Stableford: Winner: D.Klein 40, Runner up: A. Melbourne 37, Balls: A. Justin 35, P. Chaston 34. NTP: 3rd – P. Chaston, 16th – D. Klein.

July 29: Stableford: Winner: M. Bingham 41, A. Melbourne 36, Balls: D. Gray 34, K. Garfield 31. NTP: 7th – K. Garfield, 16th – C. McMillan.

Ladies July Results

July 1: Monthly medal & Vets round 3. Winner: R. Smithenbecker 70, runner up: R. McMillan 76, Balls: V. Ebert 80, S. Kilo 80. Least putts: S. Kilo 25.

July 8: No play.

July 15: Stableford: Winner: S. Kilo 33c/b, runner up: R. McMillan 33, Ball: L. Cameron 29.

July 19: 1st round Championships: winner: J. Hunter 75c/b, runner up: S. Kilo 75c/b, Other scores: J. Cox 75, R. McMillan 76, H. Chaston 77. Least Putts: J. Cox 27 c/b from S. Kilo.

July 22: 2nd round Championships: Winner: J. Hunter 64, Runner up: V. Ebert 69, Other scores: R. McMillan 72, H. Chaston 76, R. Smithenbecker 77. Least putts: J. Cox 28.

July 26: 3rd round Championships: Winner: R. McMillan 69, Runner up: R. Smithenbecker 74, Other scores: S. Kilo 76, E. Heir 76, J. Cox 77, H. Chaston 79, J. Hunter 80. Least putts: R. McMillan 29. NTP: 7th: R. Smithenbecker, 16th: E. Heir.

July 29: 4th round Championship: Winner: S. Kilo 73, Runner up: V. Ebert 75, Other scores: R. Smithenbecker 77, R. McMillan 79, H. Chaston 79. Least putts: S. Kilo 25, NTP: 7th – R. Mcmillan, 16th – L. Cameron.

Championship results: Club Champion – Rawinia smithenbecker 272. Runner up: S. Kilo 285. Handicap winner – R. McMillan 215. Runner up: J. Hunter 216. Least putts: S. Kilo 83.

Vets July Results

July 4: 9 Hole Stableford: Winner: F. Carmody 23, Runner up: D. Singleton 20, Balls: D. Briggs 18, A. Justin 16, D. Webb 16.

July 11: 9 Hole Stableford: Winner: D. Briggs 19, Runner up: D. Castles 17 Balls: S. Duffield 16, A. Justin 16.

July 18: 3 Ball Ambrose: Winners: S. Duffield, D. Castles, D. Webb 32.4, Runners up: G. Schilg, F. Carmody, G. Miller 33.4.

July 25: Mystery 2 Ball Aggregate: Winners: F. Shannon & D. Webb 32, Runners up: D. Castles & W. McEvoy 29, Ball: A. Justin & F. Carmody 29. Best individual score: D. Castles 20.


We have a 65 Massey Ferguson tractor with a 12ft slasher   (2 X 4ft fold up wings) for sale . As we only use front deck mowers for mowing the fairways, we have no further use for this outfit.

$5,500 for both

Phone David for more info. 0427 808 395


Men’s June Results

June 3: Monthly Medal: Day comp winner: F. Carmody 67c/b, monthly medal winner and runner up: A. Justin 67. Balls: C. McMillan 68, K. Garfield 69, N. Brand 69, D. Klein 71, G. Preston 73, D. Gray 73. NTP:12th – J. Metcalf, 16th – C. McMillan, 18th – C. McMillan & J. Metcalf.

June 10: Stableford: Winner: P. Kilo 35pts, Runner up: A. Justin 33c/b, Balls: D. Klein 33, A. Melboourne 32, R. McMillan 32, C. McMillan 31, D. Singleton 31. NTP: 9th – D. Klein.

June 17: Stableford: Winner: D. Klein 36, runner up: A. Melbourne 34. Ball: R. Smithenbecker 31. NTP: 3rd – D. Klein.

June 24: Stableford: Winner: D. Danes 34, runner up: R. Gueho 33c/b, Balls: D. Klein 33, G. Preston 32, C. McMillan 30, K. Van Duurson 29, T. Butler 28, D. Gray 28, G. Allen 28.

Ladies June Results

June 3: Monthly Medal: Winner: S. Kilo 74, runner up: V. Ebert 77, Ball: H. Chaston. Least putts: S. Kilo 29.

June 10: No play.

June 17: Stableford: Winner: R. McMillan 30, runner up: H. Chaston 28.

June 24: 3rd round Stableford: winner: R. McMillan 36, runner up: R. Smithenbecker 31c/b, Ball: J. Cox 31, S. Kilo 28.


Vet’s June Results

June 6: 9 Hole Stableford: Winner: S. Duffield 20, Runner up: A. Justin 17, Balls: D. Castles 17, W. Barnes 16, R. Knights 16.

June 13: 9 Hole Stableford: Winner: D. Castles 17c/b, Runner up: A. Justin 17c/b, Ball: P. Chaston 17.

June 20: 9 Hole Stableford: Winner: F. Shannon 20, Runner up: D. Castles 14, Balls: F. Carmody 13, D. Briggs 13, S. Duffield 13.

June 27: 3 Ball 2 best score count: Winners: F. Carmody, M. Pearsall, N. Winter 40, runners up: S. Duffield, W. McEvoy, A. Justin 37.


Soon Jindera Country Golf Club will be starting a Foot Golf. Designed for families to play, or people  with injuries that restrict them to swing a golf club, or the sports person who wants  a more serious competition .

The game is played with a soccer ball, similar to golf rules and scoring. The 21″ holes will be placed to the side of the fairway, ranging from 130 meters to 300 meters max.

More details soon!!!!!!!!!!


A great night, weather, food, golf , bon fire and to finish with a great display of fireworks. Thanks to all that came and joined in and to all that helped make it the night it was.

Suggestions are that we hold a handicap event, maybe in September.




10TH JUNE at 5.30pm


at Jindera Golf Club

(Lot 204 Drumwood Road)


This is a family fun night. Come along and join the fun!

$5.00 per family entry


BBQ tea and drinks will be on sale

Glow in the dark golf balls also available at $3.00 each

Bring a torch!

Vets May Results

May 2: 9 hole Stableford: Winner: M. Pearsall 20, runner up: W. Barnes 19

May 9: 9 hole Stableford: Winner: F. Carmody 18, runner up: G. Miller 17. Balls: M. Pearsall 16, J. Todd 16, W. Barnes 16.

May 16: 9 hole Stableford: Winner: J. Todd 21, runner up: M. Pearsall 20. Balls: F. Shannon 19, S. Duffield 18.

May 23: 3 Ball Ambrose: Winners: J. Todd, M. Pearsall, D. Briggs 29.7, runners up: P. Chaston, Bob Smith, D. Webb 31.4.

May 30: 9 hole Stableford: Winner: D. Briggs 19, runner up: F. Carmody 17c/b. Ball: A. Justin 17.