Men’s August Results

August 5: Monthly Medal: Day comp winner: C. McMillan 69c/b, runner up: F. Carmody 69, Monthly medal winner: P. Kilo 72. Balls: D. Briggs 72, R. Smithenbecker 73, G. Allen 74, J. Metcalf 74. NTP: 3rd – C. McMillan, 9th – F. Carmody, D. Klein, R. Smithenbecker, 7th – C. McMillan, 16th – R. Smithenbecker.

Final Championship round with the following results: Club Champion and A Grade Scratch: C. McMillan 323, B Grade: D. Gray 383, C Grade: F. Carmody 406. A Grade Handicap: R. Smithenbecker 294, B. Grade: G. Preston 287, C Grade: D. Briggs 305.

August 12: Beyond Blue 3 Ball Ambrose: 40 players which was great. Scratch winners: R. & R. & B. Smithenbecker 71. Handicap winners: G. Kent, B. Kilpatrick, S. Kishere & G. Moss 58 1/8. Runner up: K. Vanduursen, S. Cox, D. Daines 62 5/6. Balls: G. Schilg, L. Cameron, D. Klein 64.25. R. Gueho, C. McMillan, D. Wight 65.5. A $350 donation was made to Beyond Blue.

August 19: Stableford: Winner: C. McMillan 33 c/b, runner up: D. Briggs 33, Ball: K. Garfield 32. NTP: 3rd & 12th – C. McMillan.

August 26: Stableford: winner: G. Schilg 38 c/b, runner up: C. McMillan 38. Balls: R. Gueho 37, D. Briggs 35. NTP: 9th – G. Schilg, 16th – C. McMillan.