Soon Jindera Country Golf Club will be starting a Foot Golf. Designed for families to play, or people  with injuries that restrict them to swing a golf club, or the sports person who wants  a more serious competition .

The game is played with a soccer ball, similar to golf rules and scoring. The 21″ holes will be placed to the side of the fairway, ranging from 130 meters to 300 meters max.

More details soon!!!!!!!!!!


A great night, weather, food, golf , bon fire and to finish with a great display of fireworks. Thanks to all that came and joined in and to all that helped make it the night it was.

Suggestions are that we hold a handicap event, maybe in September.




10TH JUNE at 5.30pm


at Jindera Golf Club

(Lot 204 Drumwood Road)


This is a family fun night. Come along and join the fun!

$5.00 per family entry


BBQ tea and drinks will be on sale

Glow in the dark golf balls also available at $3.00 each

Bring a torch!

Vets May Results

May 2: 9 hole Stableford: Winner: M. Pearsall 20, runner up: W. Barnes 19

May 9: 9 hole Stableford: Winner: F. Carmody 18, runner up: G. Miller 17. Balls: M. Pearsall 16, J. Todd 16, W. Barnes 16.

May 16: 9 hole Stableford: Winner: J. Todd 21, runner up: M. Pearsall 20. Balls: F. Shannon 19, S. Duffield 18.

May 23: 3 Ball Ambrose: Winners: J. Todd, M. Pearsall, D. Briggs 29.7, runners up: P. Chaston, Bob Smith, D. Webb 31.4.

May 30: 9 hole Stableford: Winner: D. Briggs 19, runner up: F. Carmody 17c/b. Ball: A. Justin 17.