October Men’s results

Oct 2: Medal of Medals: Winner: G. Schilg 71, runner up: G. Evans 77, Ball: D. Klein.

Oct 9: 2 Ball Ambrose Closing Day: Mixed winners: G. Evans & J. Pryor 71.75, runners up: R. & R. Smithenbecker 72.75, Ball: D. Klein & J. Pearce 73.5. Men’s winners: J. Kilo & J. Davis 68.75, runners up: B. Pearce & K. Garfield 70.

Oct 16: Hosted the MDGA Handicap pennant.

Oct 23: Stableford: Winner: B. Smithenbecker 34, runner up: K. Garfield 33, Ball: A. Justin 30.


October Vets Results

Oct 5: 2nd round Championships: Winner: F. Shannon 16pts, runner up: G. Schilg 15, Balls: W. McEvoy, 13, D. Castles 11, F. Carmody 10.

Oct 12: Last round Championship: Best score: F. Carmody 18pts (sin bin) winner: M. Dickson 16, runner up: D. Castles 14, Balls: S. Millar 13, Bob Smith 13, D. Lester 12, D. Gavin 12.

Championship results: G. Schilg and F. Carmody tied 41pts, play off next week.

Oct 19: Winner: F. Shannon 17pts, runner up: F. Carmody 16c/b, Balls: J. Todd 16, W. McEvoy 14, Bob Smith 13, P. Chaston 13. Championship play off won by F. Carmody.

Oct 26: Best score: F. Carmody 19 (sin bin) winner: D. Castles 19, runner up: D. Gavin 18, Balls: D. Singleton 13, F. Shannon 12, S. Millar 12, W. McEvoy 12, Bob Smith 12, J. Todd 12.

September Men’s Results

Sept 4: Monthly Medal: Comp Winner: B. Smithenbecker 67, Monthly Medal winner: G. Evans 72, Balls: G. Schilg 74, R. Smithenbecker 74. NTP: 16th  B. Smithenbecker.

Sept 11: Tournament: numbers were very disappointing, we greatly appreciated the few visitors who came and enjoyed our hospitality. We only had 2 Grades due to the low numbers with the B Grade playing a stableford event.  27 Hole A Grade Scratch winner: B. Pearce 127, Handicap winner: G. Schilg 108, 18 Hole Scratch winner: C. McMillan 91, Handicap winner: G. Moss 78,  9 Hole Scratch winner: R. Smithenbecker 43, Handicap winner: G. Evans 37.5. 27 Hole B Grade winner: D. Klein 54pts, runner up: D. Gray 47pts, 18 Hole winner: P. Kilo 32pts, runner up: B. Smithenbecker 27, 9 Hole winner: K. Garfield 16pts, runner up: D. Wardius 14.  NTP:16th – R. Smithenbecker.

We would like to hugely thank JINDERA VET CLINIC for their generous Sponsorship.

Sept 18: Stableford: Winner: G. Evans 32, runner up: G. Schilg 21.

Sept 25: Monthly Medal: Comp winner: G. Evans 71, runner up: R. Smithenbecker 72, Monthly Medal winner: D. Klein 78. Ball: B. Smithenbecker 76. NTP: 9th  R. Smithenbecker, 12th  G. Evans.

September Vets Results

Sept 7: Vets Tournament:  Stableford: 18 Hole Division 1 winner – B. Smithenbecker 37pts, runner up – G. Schilg 34, Division 2 winner – Bob Smith 23pts, runner up – W. Nesbitt 18. 9 Hole Division 1 winner – F. Shannon 17c/b, runner up – F. Carmody 17. Division 2 Winner – W. McEvoy 11, runner up – W. Barnes 10. Ladies winner – L. Cameron.

Sept 14 and 21: Wet

Sept 28: 1st Round Championships: Best score G. Schilg 15pts (sin bin) winner: F. Carmody 13 c/b, runner up: W. Barnes 13, Balls: P. Chaston 12, M. Pearsal 12, Bob Smith 11, F. Shannon 11, K. Garfield 10.

September Ladies Results

Sept 1: Monthly Medal: Winner: S. Kilo 74, Runner up: J. Gehrig, Least putts: J. Gehrig 22.S

Sept 8: Ladies Tournament: We would like to thank Inform Construction for their years of Major Sponsorship of this event. We went with a 2 Ball ambrose again which was well received. The course was looking its best, thanks to our small band of volunteers. We hosted 56 players from 12 different clubs with the following results: Scratch winners – D. Tyrell-Miller (Bandiana) & J. Cox (Howlong) 84, runners up – G. O’Halloran & A. Weiss (Howlong) 85. Handicap winners –C. McRae & D. Grylewicz (Thurgoona) 72.25, runners up – E. Bain & J. Delmenico (Finley) 72.5. Straightest Drive: A Grade – S. Kilo (Jindera), B Grade – S. Egan (Comm Albury), C Grade – Glenice Blake (Thurgoona). N.T.P. 3rd – J. O.Donnell (Comm Albury), 7th – J. Cox (Howlong), 18th – B. Simpson (Bandiana).

Sept 15: No play

Sept 22: 1st round championships: Winner: R. Smithenbecker 74, runner up: H. Chaston 84 c/b, Balls: E. Heir 84, V. Ebert 86, Least putts: R. Smithenbecker 19.

Sept 24: 2nd Round Championships: Winner: V. Ebert 82, runner up: R. Smithenbecker 84, Balls: H. Chaston 85, E. Heir 86, Least putts: S. Kilo 23.

Sept 25: 3rd Round Championships: Winner: R. Smithenbecker 74, runner up: H. Chaston 79, Balls: J. Gehrig 80,V. Ebert 84, Least putts: V. Ebert 23.

Sept 29: Final Round Championships: too wet therefore results as follows

Club Champion: R. Smithenbecker 286. Handicap winner: H. Chaston 248, Least putts winner: R.Smithenbecker 72.

Oct 6: Medal of Medals: Winner: R. Smithenbecker 79, runner up: V. Ebert. Least putts: V. Ebert 24.