June Men’s Results

June 5: Monthly Medal: Winner: G. Schilg 72, runner up: S. Kilo 73c/b, Balls: B. Smithenbecker 73, R. Smithenbecker 75, D. Castles 76.

June 12: Stableford: Winner: B. Smithenbecker 30, runner up: R. Smithenbecker 29c/b, Balls: G. Schilg 29, G. Evans 17.

June 19: Stableford: Winner: G. Kent 36, runner up: A. Justin 34, Balls: R. Smithenbecker 33, G. Schilg 32, S. Kishere 30.

June 26: 3 Ball Ambrose beyondblue Day: A bit disappointing with the number of players only 22 but it was a cold winter’s day. Winners: L. Cameron, G. Schilg, D. Klein 61.6. runners up: T. McAlpin, S. Millar, F. Carmody 63.8. Balls: D. Castles, B. Castles, R. Williams 64, S. Kishere, G. Kent, G. Moss 64.6.