New carpet

We have new carpet in the club house. We received a grant from the NSW Golf Foundation which covered the cost of the carpet and we held a wood raffle which raised enough funds to cover the cost of getting the carpet laid professionally.

The before  and after pictures




The club heard about the Foundation and the availability of grants through the Riverina Ladies Golf Association. Special thanks to Virginia Ebert for her involvement in applying for the grant, communicating with the NSW Golf Foundation when the grant was approved and then organising the carpet.


Men’s March Results

March 13: Monthly Medal: Winner – M. Thurling 67, runner up – S. Millar 71, Balls: G. Evans 72, R. Smithenbecker 74, D. Klein 75.

March 20: Stableford: Winner – G. Evans 40pts, runner up – F. Shannon 38. Balls: D. Klein 33, R. Smithenbecker 33.

March 27: Stableford: Winner – G. Evans 40pts, runner up – D. Klein 31, Ball: S. Millar 31.

Ladies March Results

March 10: Stableford: Winner – J. Pryor 31pts, runner up – S. Kilo 30

March 17: No play

March 24: Stableford: Winner – V. Ebert 33pts, runner up – S. Kilo 32.

March 31: Stableford: winner – R. McMillan 35, runner up – S. Kilo 31.

Vets March Results

March 9: 9 Hole Stableford: winner – D. Singleton 22pts, runner up – F. Shannon 20c/b, Balls: D. Castles 20, Bob Smith 19, W. Nesbitt 19.

March 16: 9 Hole Stableford: Winner – W. Barnes 17pts c/b, runner up – F. Shannon 17. Balls: Bob Smith 14, D. Gavin 14.

March 23: 9 Hole Stableford: Winner – W. Barnes 17pts (in the sin bin now), runner up – D. Singleton 15, Balls: D. Lester 13, G. Witterveen13.

March 30: 9 Hole Stableford: Winner – Bob Smith 18pts, runner up – W. McEvoy 17, Balls: W. Barnes 16, D. Castles 16.

Opening Day Results

Opening Day March 6: A great start to the season with 39 players. The course was a bit dry but looked good thanks to the hard work of our volunteers. It was a 2  Ball Ambrose with the following results.

Mixed scratch winners: J & B Pearce 76.                                                 Handicap winners: R & C McMillan 66.5.                                                                  Ball winner: R & R Smithenbecker 69.25, J Pryor & B Smithenbecker  70, S & N Brand 72.25.

Men’s scratch winners: S Millar & T McAlpin 75.                                                 Handicap winners: D & B Castles 66.5.                                                                       Ball winners: M. Dickson & D Rixon 67.25, G Evans & D. Singleton 68.5, M & S Ebert 71.75, M. Thurling &   M. Cooper 71.75.

NTP: 9th – G. Evans            16th – B. Castles